Multi-role Leight Weight Helicopter Family

We are building a twin-engine lightweight helicopter family with advanced multi-role adaptability capabilities. This helicopter will provide un-matchable performance with our versatile cabin design, advanced AI-enabled control systems, and future of luxury.  Our helicopter will make sure that you always stay safe and comfortable while in the air.

For the private & business travelers it has the most luxurious, spacious & technologically advanced cabin ever built. We also provide & integrate special luxurious amenities on customer demand.

Futuristic  & Unmatched Performance- The future is always unpredictable on what technological advancement might come, so our platform is built in a way that makes sure that it stays ahead of its competitors. This helicopter family is the best solution you can have for your business, private use & your army.

Lower Fuel & Maintainance Costs- AS this is a Hybrid-Electric helicopter family it saves up to 40% fuel costs. We provide robotic maintenance line-up to keep your helicopter ready to fly whenever you want it. It makes sure that you always fly safely, efficiently & comfortably while the helicopter stays in the health & usage conditions.

Advanced Safety & Comfort- This Helicopter family is equipped with In-flight Safety Solutions, Live 24/7 Multi-Satellite Tracking/Personal Air Traffic Control Support, Medical Safety, Weather Safety, and other safety/security solutions. Our engineers and experts make sure that you and your crew always stay safe in the air. Our "Mood Systems" and Entertainment systems will keep relaxed & entertained while you are in the air.

Engine- "Our own Hybrid-Electric Turboshaft Jet Engines fall for new Patent & Sub-Category Patent Generation; Because of pending patent statues we can't share anything about our Engines". And our engines will be alternative fuel adaptable.

Tailor-Made & Specific Upgrade For:-

1. Private, Executive & Corporate Transport

2. Business Operators

3. Industrial User 

4. Medical, Search & Rescue Missions

5. Cargo Delivery

6. Govt

7. Military 

7.1 Army 

7.2 Navy 

7.3 Air force

7.4 Coast Guard

7.5 Marine

7.6 Special Ops

8. Urban Mobility 

9. "Black Edition"



1. Reduced Emissions

2. Plug-In Hybrid

3. Higher Security & Safety Standards

4. Reduced Noise

5. 24/7 Advanced Global Safety & Security Support

6. Alternative Fuel Adaptable

7. Lower Maintenance Costs

8. Built-in A.I. Assistant System

9. Electronic Zero-Emission Flight Mode

10. Advanced Built-In AI-Enabled Autonomous & Semiautonomous Flight Modes

11. Electronic Thruster

12. Exceptional control, Management & Maneuverability

13. Guided External Weight Management

14. Smart Engine & Power Management System

& Many More...

Technical Specifications 



Range (KM)


Length (M)


Rotor Diameter (M)


Height (M)




Speed (KPH)


Cabin Width (M)


2x 4



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