Hybrid-Electric Turbo Fan Jet Engines

We live in a new time period where climate change is a serious issue. We must be careful of our carbon emission rate which plays a huge role in global warming. Our Hybrid-Electric Turbo-Fan Jet Engines solves all the problems while increasing thrust, life cycle period & bypass ratio; while decreasing engine noise, weight & fuel consumption rate. Our engines will make commercial aviation greener than ever before.




Main Common Features of Turbofan Engines are -

1. Greener than any other option

2. Lower fuel consumption 

3. Higher thrust generation

4. Advanced AI-Enabled Smart Cycles

5. Adaptive thrust delivery

6. Lower noise

7. Advanced Internal Situational Awareness

8. Higher Bypass ratio

9. Alternative Fuel Adaptable

Engine Name    -     Max Thrust (KN)

1. HTF-280                280

2. HTF-280X+           280+

3. HTF-360               360

4. HTF-360X+           360+

5. HTF-540                540

6. HTF-540X+           540+

7. HTF-660               660

8. HTF-660X+          660+

9. HTF-800              800

10. HTF-800X+        800+

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